Philippine Cases

28 August 2013
Asian Construction and Development Corporation v. Sumitomo Corporation
31 January 2011
Even the party who has repudiated the main contract is not prevented from enforcing its arbitration clause.
13 February 2008
Benguet Corporation v. Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Mines Adjudication Board and J.G. Realty and Mining (G.R. No. 163101) - An agreement to submit to voluntary arbitration must be complied with notwithstanding the fact that the dispute involved, under the law, is also required to be submitted to compulsory arbitration.
07 January 2008
Technologies Co., Ltd., v. Lerma, et al., G.R. No. 143581 - International Commercial Arbitration. The Philippine Supreme Court upheld the validity of an arbitration clause that provides for a final and binding award and held that the rule on unilateral rescission of contracts on account of breach by the other party is not applicable to contracts containing an arbitration clause.
11 February 2008
ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation v. World Interactive Network Systems (WINS) Japan Co., Ltd. (G.R. No. 169332) - The remedies against an arbitral award include petitions with the proper courts: (a) to vacate the award on specific grounds under the arbitration law, or (b) to set aside the award on questions of fact, of law, or mixed questions of fact and law, or (c) on certiorari on the ground of grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction.